Classic Auto Restorations and Customization

“Preserving the Barracuda Legend” is our passion and auto restorations are part of achieving our mission. If you are looking to renew your youth, drive a car that no one else on the planet has, or looking for the thrill of your life, contact us if you are looking for a car or truck to restore.

We often hear about old muscle cars sitting in garages, barns, or sitting in a field rotting away. You will get to it some day. Really? The time is now to make it happen. Contact us if you are interested in starting the discussion.

We restore and customize Muscle Cars, Classics, and Trucks of all makes and models.

There are two points of view when it comes to auto restorations and customizations. An auto restoration is reviving a car and bringing it back to original condition. The other is customizing an old classic with upgrades to give it a modern day ride, comfort, reliability, and a lot more power. Contact us if you would like recommendations on which direction to go.