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Preserving the Barracuda Legend
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Plymouth Barracuda History
Let’s bring “Made in America” back to the forefront. ‘Cuda Brothers encourages active and enlightening discussions as they accurately tell and demonstrate the story through an upcoming documentary potentially called,  “History of the Barracuda – Preserving the Barracuda Legend”.  American Muscle Cars are like none others ever produced. The ‘Cuda Brothers documentary will portray an American success story about the Plymouth Barracuda as production cars, racecars, and movie cars. Many people will never experience the incredible sensation of raw power, brute force, and true muscle of a Plymouth ‘Cuda and this will be the closest thing many people will ever come to truly feeling the power of a Great American Story.

This challenging project will require additional research as the ‘Cuda Brothers are in the beginning stages of making it happen. As research continues they are learning a lot about the behind the scenes activity like how and where the 'Cuda name came from and who were the people behind the scenes. There is also a lot of conflicting information online but one thing is certain. The Plymouth Barracuda name is well known throughout the world and this documentary is bound to capture some international flavor for this world-renowned automobile.

As we proceed with the project, we are looking for the following:

  • 1964 - 1974 Barracuda and Cudas preferably in running condition and as close to original as possible

  • Experts of the muscle car and Mopar era 

  • Sponsors for the documentary, "Barracuda History - Preserving the Barracuda Legend" 

  • A well spoken and preferably well known host

  • Just about anything or story someone wants to tell us related to the Barracuda

You may periodically see changes to this page as we continue to improve on it. Short videos with potential cars for the History of the Barracuda Documentary will be included as we proceed with the project.

1964 Plymouth Barracuda1964 Plymouth Barracuda
The 1964 Barracuda was Valiant based with body panel modifications.  It included the largest bubble style window of its time.  It was also the last year that Chrysler put out the push button automatic transmission and the only year for the Barracuda. It came with a standard 170 cu in 170hp engine with the optional 225 cu in 145 hp engine. This car was promoted as a sporty compact  which eventually became one of the most iconic American Muscle Car of all time.

1965 Plymouth Barracuda 1965 Plymouth Barracuda
Production numbers nearly tripled from the introduction of the Plymouth Barracuda in 1964 even though the outward appearance looks like the 1964. With the exception of the custom wheels this car looks like it came from the factory.Photo by Donald K. O'Brien www.flicker.com/photos/dok1

1966 Plymouth Barracuda 1966 Plymouth BarracudaThis was This was the last of the first generation Barracudas. This is a rust free, non-restored Florida car. The owner bought the car from his brother 2 years ago who owned it for 23 years. His brother worked at a dealership and bought the car when it became available from a lady who often brought it in for service.  Keeping Mopars in the family through the years is often the case.


1967 Plymouth Barracuda 1967 Plymouth Barracuda
The second generation Plymouth Barracuda was the first year of the convertible and the Formula S. The slant 6 was not an option. With the exception of the wheels, this car appears stock but don’t let looks fool you. This Barracuda was modified with a 440, but the largest available option in 1967 was a 383 ci engine. Photo by Sam Locklin - 'Cuda Brothers

1968 Plymouth Barracuda 1968 Plymouth Barracuda
This 1968/Plymouth Barracuda is not stock. Many Barracudas of this era were heavily modified for racing. The Hemi engine was used specifically for professional drag racers. The slant 6 was reintroduced and the 273 ci engine was replaced by the 318.  Photo by Ruud Onos  www.flickr.com/photos/gridview

1969 Plymouth Barracuda 1969 Plymouth 'Cuda
1969 was the first official year for the designated ‘Cuda name which was reserved for the performance versions. This particular ‘Cuda was optioned with factory hood scoops and striping for either the 340 or 383 ci  engines. Photo by Richard Spiegelman              Richard Spiegelman/carphoto/Flickr

1970 AAR 'Cuda 1970 AAR 'Cuda
1970 was the introduction of the E-body, which continued to be built through 1974. Available options were the Barracuda series, Gran Coupe, ‘Cuda, and AAR. They included the hardtop and some were limited production convertibles along with several engine configurations. The AAR 'Cuda came equiped with the 340 ci engine and 6 pack carburetors. Photo by Lance V. Nix www.flickr.com/photos/81918828@N00

1971 Hemi 'Cuda Convertible 1971 Hemi 'Cuda Convertible
The 1971 Hemi ‘Cuda convertible was a very rare breed with only 11 produced. This was the only Barracuda produced with dual headlights and front fender louvers. Photo by Richard Spiegelman Richard Spiegelman/carphoto/Flickr

1972 Plymouth 'Cuda 1972 Plymouth 'Cuda
With 55,000 original miles, this ‘Cuda is close to original in appearance and turns a lot of heads. 1972 was the start of the slotted center grill and round taillights. The largest engine available in 1972 was the 340. Photo by Sam Locklin www.flickr.com/photos/sam_locklin/sets

1973 Plymouth 'Cuda                                         1973 Plymouth 'Cuda
A rare find is a 1973 ‘Cuda that still has the factory rubber bumpers sticking out over the chrome bumper. Most owners have long pulled them off. It also has a dark factory correct side stripe. This year was the start of the 360 ci engine. Photo by Richard Spiegelman Richard Spiegelman/carphoto/Flickr

1974 Plymouth 'Cuda

1974 Plymouth 'Cuda

The 1973/1974 Plymouth Barracuda’s outward appearance is almost identical with the exception of some minor options between the two. 1974 was the last year of the E-body and the Plymouth Barracuda which is why ‘Cuda Brothers is “Preserving the Barracuda Legend.”  

All images on this page are copyright protected: © 2016 All riights reserved. Contact the photograper for permission to use their images.

'Cuda Brothers wants to thank these outstanding photographers for allowing us to use a small sample of their work. Check out the links below each and in some cases you will see thousands of examples of what they obviosly are really into. 

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