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1973 Custom Plymouth

1973 Custom Plymouth 'Cuda

Customizing a Plymouth ‘Cuda is considered taboo by many Chrysler purists because you simply don’t mess with one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time. We decided on this featured ‘Cuda not only because the car was done right but the owner is a free spirit who takes action. It is about the car but it could never have been done without the owner’s vision.

Plymouth Cuda Featured Car
Regan Keeth - Owner '73 'Cuda

Regan feels that he is sometimes looked down on because he made it his way. His way just happens to be an improvement on the original in many ways. An occasional award is something that Regan does not brag too much about but he does appreciate the recognition.

Plymouth Cuda custom interior
Custom 'Cuda 2-Tone Interior

Stock Barracuda door panels tend to show a lot of wear and sun damage over time. Regan was not satisfied with replacing the door panels with reproductions that would eventually look worn again. He customized the door panels with 2 tone black and white vinyl.  The seats and headliner were tastefully done and coordinated to match the door panels. We have seen a few custom interiors that look fantastic but look nothing like the original. Regan managed to maintain the integrity of the original in a way that looks like it would have come from the factory this way as an upgraded option.
1973 Plymouth Cuda
1973 Plymouth Cuda

This car has been transformed from a white and grey car with chunks of paint falling off to what it looks like today. Yes it is not a stock color but it is a brilliant color that sparkles in the sunlight. It has survived the test of time with a paint job well over 20 years old. Prep work to the metal, 5 clear coats and an owner that takes good care of his car may have a lot to do with how great this head turner looks.

340 c.i. engine

Modified '73 340 c.i. Engine

The 1973 ‘Cuda was a victim of government regulations with lower compression motors but this original 1973 340 c.i. engine is far from factory. Watch the video to get more information on the modifications done to this engine. As Regan states, “It will run with big blocks all day long. They have to be pretty stout to outrun it.” 

1973 Plymouth Cuda

We always leave it to the owner’s discretion as to how hard they want to drive their car for the video. Regan could not resist and had to show it off with a couple of burnouts. For some reason, we were always running behind the ‘Cuda.

It’s hard to imagine improving on a ‘Cuda but this one is a top notch custom ‘Cuda with a dedicated owner of over 30 years that absolutely has a passion for as he states is that it is the best body style ever made. We agree.

Enjoy the Ride,
'Cuda Brothers
Preserving the Barracuda Legend

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1967 Formula S Plymouth Barracuda

The car featured in this story is a 1967 Formula S Plymouth Barracuda 4 speed car. It is a driver's car and owner John Rocks proudly takes it out on nice days and displays it at local car shows. He discusses some of the difference between his two Barracudas, one being a notchback and the other the fastback. He also explains some of the options that come with a Formula S package. Then comes the drive and hold on, especially on the corners.

John refers to his work as a restofication, meaning that his Barracuda may not be a number 1 show car but it is restored to true original condition and gets a lot of compliments along the way.  If you want to see what a 47-year-old car looked like from the factory, this is it.

This is a stock 273 ci engine with a four barrel carburetor.  

Stock 273 V8 4 Barrel

John is an expert in Mopars and tells how he worked on muscle cars as a young teenager and shows off pictures of his first car, a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda convertible that he bought for $300. He always owns at least one Barracuda and sometimes more including a parts car. John does almost all his own work including engine rebuilds, brakes, bodywork and paint right out of his garage. The Barracuda featured in this story is a testament to the attention to detail that John puts into his work.

Bodywork for Plymouth Barracuda

Body work includes a complete strip down

When ‘Cuda Brothers does a Featured Car story, we leave it to the discretion of the owner to drive the car fast, slow, or anything in between. Any tickets will be their responsibility. It turns out that John likes to take corners very fast which is what Formula S cars were designed to do.

Taking corners in 1967 Formula S Plymouth Barracuda  

Made for Cornering - Formula S

Enjoy the Ride,

'Cuda Brothers
Preserving the Barracuda Legend
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Video produced by Vidimation
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Woodster - Award Winning Solid Wood Body

Larry Andersen is the creator and builder of this one of a kind award winning and hand carved Myrtle wood 1932 Ford body roadster. It is even trademarked, Woodster™ and also known as Knotty. The idea came about when he first started building and selling custom wood dashes for the roadster, which were a huge hit. He took his old pickup and filled it with Myrtle wood, took it home, and started building his car.

Larry sought out to build a unique one of a kind car because that is what Larry is all about. He has been working on an all rubber car as well. Anyone can build a roadster but how many people can create this kind of car that is built to scale? As Larry stated, "My mission is to preserve the spirit of the wood. Build a car out of solid wood, drive the car, enjoy the car, have the car basically forever. Have a tree, now you drive one. That's what I think. Same tree, same car."

Six years went by before this car was ready to be driven. The solid body was put together using no screws or bolts. The car includes a 350 Chevy motor, wood blower, wood heads and wood carbs. It is really fuel injected with fake carbs and a fake blower but they sure look real. A special undercoat keeps the wooden engine parts from burning. Additional wood components include the grill, which was made from 450 individual pieces, the headlight buckets, steering wheel, and other accessories. The hard top is easily removable as the car can be a convertible to enjoy the sun and open air. The wooden dash is right at home in the car and is equipped with classic instruments. The interior was designed to match the exterior to maintain the complete wood continuity throughout the car.

It has been driven in all types of weather conditions in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, and Nevada. The car here was completed and road tested since 1990. It has held up exceptionally well and looks as good as the day it was built.

The attention this car commands is truly remarkable. For example, it won the People's Choice award out of 1,100 entries in the Northwest National Car Show in Yakima, Washington. In 1991, Knotty had its first centerfold with Street Rodder Magazine. World-renowned photographer, Dale Moreau, took pictures as part of this 4 page hot rod article. Special mention must be told of the invitation to attend the 46th annual Fresno Autorama in 2005. Attendance to this prestigious event requires a personal invitation from the man himself, Blackie Gejeian. Of the 161 unique one-of-a-kind cars entered, one thing set the Woodster apart from all the rest. Its solid wood body is like none other.

This article and video were originally produced in 2006 and the car continues to be shown at special events.

1972 Plymouth 'Cuda

‘Cuda Brother Sam (alias Sam Locklin) has owned this 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda since 1977. It is a numbers matching ‘Cuda with just over 55,000 original miles. It has a 340 c.i. engine with a Torque Flight A-727 automatic transmission. 

Garaged for over 10 Years

Sam purchased this ‘Cuda while in college as his daily driver. Later on, the car sat in a garage as he moved on with his career and raised a family. Sam held on to the car and never succumbed to the pressures of selling the car like many family guys did. Garaged and sitting for 10 years before hitting the road in 2012 was not easy on this ‘Cuda but it is now up and running to never sit for long periods of time again. Attend a few car shows in the Northwest and you may see this ‘Cuda.

Factory Correct

This ‘Cuda is as close to factory original in appearance as you may ever see. With the exception of headers, battery, hoses, tires, and a missing radio, along with a few missing stickers under the hood it is relatively stock. A rare find is a ‘Cuda with chrome along the back of the trunk line and fender wells which you will see on this ‘Cuda. The factory correct colors on the grill are rare and many owners painted them black over the years. The 1972 ‘Cuda may not be as flashy to some points of view with the factory orange air cleaner and factory blue valve covers, but this one displays it all proudly.

If you see a spoiler on a 1972 ‘Cuda, it did not come from the factory with one.  Another common thing to see on a 1972 ‘Cuda is a 1970, 1971, 1973, or 1974 side stripe but rarely will you see a factory correct 1972 side stripe.  The factory correct side strip is wider in the front.  In Sam’s view and apparently other owners, it is not the best stripe so Sam chose to leave it off.

Partial Restoration in 1995

  • Complete body strip down to metal
  • 6 base coats and 6 clear coats of paint
  • New seat upholstery (not seat covers)
  • New headliner & vinyl top

Non-factory Drivetrain Upgrades

  • Cylinder head modifications
  • Headers
  • Automatic Transmission Shift Kit
  • High Output fuel pump
  • P235 60R15 tires on 7 inch wide Mopar Rallye Wheels
  • P255 60R15 tires on 8 inch wide Mopar Rallye Wheels

Enjoy the Ride

There may be other ‘Cudas out there that are closer to factory original but good luck actually seeing one at a car show or driving down the road. The reaction this car gets at car shows or just driving down the road is pretty amazing. Enjoy the car for what it is. A very rare and head turning muscle car that looks pretty darn close to how it looked when it was brand new; maybe just a bit better. 

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