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Preserving the Barracuda Legend
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About ‘Cuda Brothers
‘Cuda Brother Sam is at the top spot because he is the older of the 2 brothers and feels that he earned it. Sam walked away from a very successful career in the semiconductor business in 2001. He pursued a new career as the founder and producer for Vidimation, a video production company based out of Portland, Oregon. See more at Vidimation.com.
"After several years, ‘Cuda Bro Dan talked me into going into business with him. It was time. My son and daughter are in college and my wife is very understanding while supporting my efforts in running two businesses. I purchased my 72 ‘Cuda in 1978 and ‘Cuda Bro Dan's ‘Cuda has been in the family for almost the same amount of time. We both feel that the Barracuda Legend is strong and we want to make sure it stays that way. It's all about the ride."
- ‘Cuda Brother Sam Locklin

‘Cuda Brother Dan retired from the National Guard where he worked on very sophisticated tanks and other military equipment as a mechanic. He has 20 years of dedicated military experience. Since then, Dan started an auto repair business in Yakima, WA.
"After several years of trying to persuade my older brother ‘Cuda Bro Sam to go into business with me, he finally realized that this was something worth pursuing. He may be at the top of this page but I will be at the top when I beat him in the Race Challenge. We are not putting on an act like so many TV shows where there is a lot of conflict. We are about having fun, educating people about Barracudas, and hopefully learning something along the way."
- ‘Cuda Brother Dan
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Chrysler recognizes 'Cuda Brothers
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